Harvard Business Review January – February 2022

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Tạp chí Harvard Business Review January – February 2022 bao gồm những bài viết sau:

  • Finding the Right CEO, When People Listen to Happy Songs, the Market Outperforms
  • The Founder of UBI Group on Leading a Transition to Renewable Energy in Africa
  • Reinventing Your Leadership Team.
  • The ‘New You’ Business.
  • How Companies Can Address Their Historical Transgressions.
  • Family Ghosts in the Executive Suite.
  • Manage Your Organization as a Portfolio of Learning Curves.
  • Quantum Computing for Business Leaders.
  • Sensemaking for Sales.
  • Corporate Political Spending Is Bad Business
  • How to Sell Your Ideas up the Chain of Command.
  • HBR Case Study: Should You Compromise Your Founding Principles for Faster Growth?
  • DEI Gets Real
  • Life’s Work: An Interview with Robin Wright.